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"I was so trapped with holding all my feelings tightly tucked away ignored to smooth over our life together, I had literally lost my voice.  I found talking about myself unbearable... slowly I could feel myself open up,  turned a corner and stopped resisting and each session became a place to decompress evaluate and a treat for myself.
D. M.

"My work with you was crucial to regaining stability and happiness in my life.You were my Sherpa.  Yes, I needed to climb the mountain, but you were with me all the way offering guidance carrying the load when I was too exhuasted, understanding the nuances of the mountain in an awe-inspiring way

L. M.


"It wasn't her that needed to do the work, it was me! I was helped to look at my parenting and how my own childhood narrative affected what I was doing"

"Working with Alex has had a powerful impact on my family life. At the beginning I didn't understand how talking for an hour could have a direct impact on my family.  But a year on I am my daughter's No 1 fan and it didn't take long for the dynamic to start changing.  In a few months I was back in control at home in a loving and firmer way.  I never felt judged.  Alex has a freshness and lightness to her approach despite her experience.  She has genuinely helped to change my life.  I can't really thank her enough"


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"A no nonsense approach, steeped in integrity and passionately committed to what she does"

We consider ourselves to be very fortunate  to have had the privilege of being helped by Alex through a very difficult period in our lives.  I wouldn't hesitate to entrust good friends to Alex

M & A. M.